Knit's and Purls of my life……

{August 19, 2010}   Life

Summer is coming to an end & I am looking for a full time job. Do I want to – no. Do I have a choice about it – unless we win the lottery this Friday – no. Bills, bills, & more bills not to mention hubby deciding to go to college & wanting to move to a bigger house. So no choice for me but hey it had to happen sometime. Had been watching a friends kid during the school year & some over the summer – she was friends with middle kiddo. But this past year has been more BS than I care to stand for & I am done. Tired of hearing my daughter tell me her ‘friend’ told my youngest she wished middle wasn’t her friend or would just go away or die. Yeah not gonna fly in my house & not gonna put up with feeling like I am a babysitter over friend from someone who supposedly was my bestie not that long ago. I’m moving on and leaving the drama behind!

School is looming ever closer. I personally can’t wait for the younger 2 to go back…..not so much the older one. Why? Oh cuz it’s middle school she starts this year which means butt-crack-of-dawn-wake-up time! NOT looking forward to that one little bit. She needs to stop growing! I hate that I really only have about 6.5 years with her in my house. 😦 Yes she hasn’t gotten to the point that she hates me…..yet – so I still like her! lol The younger two there are days that selling them on eBay & going to jail for the aftermath looks like a vacation. But seriously I’d never do that….on my own account. >.>

Health kinda sucks right now. Started a new med yesterday that knocked me on my butt with side effects asap. I’m really thinking it was an interaction with my allergy meds but my Dr. office said there was no probs with the two being taken together. Yeah that’s why when I didn’t take it today oh look at that no problems like yesterday. Which sucks because the allergy meds I’d been taking worked great. The other meds are by choice to control something that was going super wacko & I didn’t like it one bit! I totally blame the oldest for it too & she knows it! lol

Knitting – yeah not so much has been done this year it feels like. There area few things that I got done but nothing too big. Made some cute little bunnies for my nieces birthdays. Working on a Mystery Shawl KAL on Ravelry in the PicnicKnits group. Love her patterns! Finished up the Odd Ducks Firefly swap – that was a blast & I got my own juggling geese in my package! Had 2 spoilers just up & disappear at the very end which ticked me off royally. So they ended up banned from the group – sucks to be them right now. Upcoming swaps I am in – Just signed up for Revenge of Dish Rag Tag on Monday – can’t wait & Odd Ducks sign-ups for Rocky Horror Picture Show are almost closed – this should be so much fun.


{March 8, 2010}   Life sucks

Been crazy busy or just plain crazy depending on the day. not so much knitting going on now that the secret something green is done. I have a started toe up sock and the hubby’s scarf sitting on the needles at the moment.

Girl scouts – ugh I love them but will most likely NEVER be a leader (or co-leader) again. Bring on Cookie mom and I’m there if needed – I can handle a 2.5 month commitment. I’m dragging butt on what to do with the girls and it seems like we are always just doing crafts. Not to mention that I have to figure out how to bridge the troop in the off chance that the girls stay in it past this year.

Work – the kids are squirelly! I want warmer weather and so do they but MAN do they act out when it gets nicer outside. I love my job, I lobe my job, I lobe my job……..

Off to gather my things for a Girl scout meeting and start off this crazy crazy busy week that I am not looking forward to. 😦

{January 30, 2010}   Dude seriously?!?

So first in knitting – I had a sock casualty.  😦  My poor first pair of socks, my Jaywalkers, now have a hole in the gusset. And the other socks is getting almost to this point but hasn’t quite gone hole-y yet.

poor jaywalker :(

I started another pair of socks from a kit that I received ages ago in a Secret Pal swap from Krafty1. The colors are awesome blues and pretty yellows with both yarns knit together in a toe-up sock. This is my pair of first ever toe-up socks and not too bad so far! Used the magic cast on method and followed those instructions for the toe. Sadly the pattern’s instructions went right over my head for the short-row toe. The pattern is Toe-up Work Socks With a twist by StitchStud (Charles Voth). Other mods outside of the toe are instead of P1, K3 – I am doing P1, K2. Will see if this affects the pretty pattern in the leg later. This is what they look like so far. 🙂

toe-up work socks

Then of course after all the crap with my oldest having bugs and treating everyone – my middle child who had them back in October forever just came out with a bug she pulled from her hair. Yup lice in the house AGAIN. Go away I don’t want any! Will this ever end? Oh yes I know how to end it but the girls don’t want to be bald… matter how many times I promise to knit them wigs in whatever pretty color they choose. 😉

{January 27, 2010}   Kids

Oh the annoying sounds of the girls plus the one I give a ride to the bus in the mornings screaming along with songs on the radio.

At least they waited until after 8 am to start. >.<

Off to work at the clubhouse today adn attempt to stay warm as it is always colder in there when not working out. *le sigh* Wonder if I should start a new project just so I have something to do in between shifts…..

{January 26, 2010}   Life sucks sometimes

So last week was sucktastic! I ended up the week not feeling so hot and calling out of work without a sub on Thursday and Friday.  Then Friday not 5 minutes before the end of my shift would have been I get a call from the school – the girls aren’t hurt but they have J in the office and according to the secretary “Well we think….she has fleas.” Are you kidding me? Some back story on this – in October my middle monkey L had lice and the office said the same thing – looks like fleas. Simply because I mentioned that the animals in the house had them and the cat likes to sleep in her bed.

Flash forward to last Friday – J had actually pulled one out of her hair while reading in class. And sent herself to the office. The secretary is newer and pretty sure she moved from one of the middle schools so is not all the familiar with lice. The other secretary and principal who are supposed to experts on this stuff – agreed that it was fleas the first time. This time I get there and look in J’s hair – find one pull it out and place it on the slice of packing tape there to trap it. Show it and say – “That’s a louse, full-grown. Not fleas.”

Bring all the girls home and baby oil, saran wrap, & shower caps for at least 3 hours to then not be able to find our lice combs. UGH – sent the hubby out for one cuz they are only $6 and of course find the ones we have while he is getting dinner after having already bought the comb. Murphy’s law was not my friend. Poor J her head was so infested that she prolly caught it on the tail end of her sister having it last time and every time I told her ‘oh it’s just your dry skin’ I was wrong. Bad mom of the year award winner right here folks!

Then comes Sunday, look through her hair once again as you are suposed to check often until all nits are gone and no lice for 10 days. Pull more nits, and then comes the afternoon – when I start itching. Frack! End up pulling out a hair and sure enough it has a nit on it. And then yup I check and find a louse – only 1 thank goodness. So use the last of the baby oil on myself and then to check myself later. Because of course as I found out the first time I got this from my kids – the hubby can’t see crap as far as they are concerned in any of our heads.

I just can’t seem to win these days.

Not to mention that means that the knitting project I was working on has to be quarantined before I can finish it and send it off to the person I am knitting for. Bleh. Yeah that was fun letting my Mod know “I gotta delay sending due to lice.” LOL

{January 25, 2010}   Moving….

I decided not only to move but to combine two of my blogs into one – just cuz it’s easier right?! Should be but we shall see 😉

{October 5, 2009}   Crazy…….

I thought I was before but the past few months have proved that either I wasn’t that bad or that it can just get worse. Knitting has been my sanity and of course this morning I do not have time to post the pretties that I have finished. My dad and step-mom divorced for a second and final time and much bickering and weirdness happened afterwards. See I may not have always liked my step-mom but I did grow to love her in the end. Her being the uber-bit$h that she was is what i needed to get out of an environment that wasn’t healthy for me. So yeah I love her for that because I totally could have been one of those girls in school who was knocked up at 16.

School started and again busy stuff going on. This is my last year as the PTO fundraising chairperson. Can’t say I am sad to see it go and really we only do one thing. This year it was decided that I would have all the little things (box tops, ink cartridge returns, etc.) reported to me and then I’d report them to the PTO. No biggie but now it’s more work than ever before on top of me working, being a Junior troop leader (yeah more on that later), watching a kid in the morning (again) and being down to only 1 car. Oldest daughter J’s troop bridged most of their girls last year and their leader moms as well. So this year the 10 remaining and of that 5 returning needed a leader – no on wnated to do it. So I steped up cuz how hard could it be to lead a troop for 1 year right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And on top of that I was scammed into watching on of the kids I’d watched before a few years back in the morning YET AGAIN. Not thinking that yeah I’d have her even longer in the mornings because of the late school start this year. >.< I love her and her mom but it's hard not to feel taken advantage of some days. Was tol that I needed to drive hubby to work this morning due to his ride/boss needing to drive his wife to a dr. appt. No biggie right? Was supposed to have her and texted mom and said 'If I am going to have your daughter Monday morning you need to make other arrangements for her because I have to drive hubby to work and don't have room in my car for her too.' Legally I had no seatbelts and I wasn't getting arrested or given a ticket because I had her daughter in my car. she argued 'What do you want me to do? No one else will take her. And am not asking her dad….' Dad ended up watching her this morning anyways because I said can't no way I can fit her in. Just frustrates me to no end sometimes the crap that I get myself into and then have to get out of because I am too nice a person. But the spine is growing and I doubt that I will be going through this hassle much longer.

And it’s school fundraiser time. Yay! But I keep getting emails for people to volunteer – not that this is a bad thing – but the fricking info just went home on Friday 10/2 and i had emails starting 2 weeks ago! Ok thanks for being overeager to do this but I don’t even have a schedule yet for the PE classes until later this week! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And now I must get ready for work and try not to take my lack of sleep out on the kids. *SIGH*

{September 1, 2009}   Wait what?

So today we had a meeting with all the lunch supervisors that are coming back this year to discuss the change in lunch times. Seeing as we have over 650 kids in the school, 14 long tables (1 designated peanut free), and the changes in time starting had made it something to puzzle over. We found out today that the way our principal worked it so that it goes along with the limit on how many kids can be in the cafeteria at once per the fire marshall – there will only be a 5 minute overlap of the grades.

How does this change our work schedules? Well we now are no longer all coming in at the same time and working together. We picked grades and we will come in 10 minutes before that grade comes to lunch and then be there for 2 hours. We are to clean as much as possible after coming in from recess before we have to leave. And those with the lower grades will do the mopping and the rest of the cleaning. Good in theory but we’ll miss chatting with each other and this kinda eliminates us going out to lunch after work. Maybe we’ll have to get together before or something. I took 1st grade as I don’t work Wednesday’s at the school and then the lunch lady who works Kindergarten who has no kids on Wednesday’s will work my grade for me.

So now I work from 12 – 2 pm – darn this later start time but hey I don’t really have any thing going on during the day. It’ll just take some time getting used to. Hopefully the kids won’t be too bad – I subbed in the Kindergarten lunch last year so I know a lot of them. But the thing that got me was not only are the start times changed but we start a day earlier and end a day later! They added two full days to the school year this year. Somehow I’d caught the ending date change but not the start date – they go back next Tuesday not Wednesday! ACK! I thought I had one more day – nope! So the kids are going to be so frickin’ tired next week once school starts. Ugh so am I. We may start later but the girl who comes over in the mornings so I can get her on the bus will be here at 6:15 am. The bus doesn’t come until 8:28 am. BLEH! I’m gonna need me some really good green tea really soon. 😉

Knitting – Amy’s b-day sock colorway has been revealed. She couldn’t wait and I wanted to see if she could guess it – she did. 🙂 Weasleys Wizard Wheezes from Sunshine Yarns was the colorway – she gets rainbow socks! And I repeat Amy if they are too big – send them back and I’ll keep them! hehe 😉

Started my Ishbel in Emmett from Sunshine Yarns on the way to Michigan’s Adventure with the in-laws. Have finished chart A and working on chart B once I get the lifeline in.

And now it’s bed time since I need to get up and be to the Jazzercise Clubhouse tomorrow by 10 am. First morning of back to back work there. Should be interesting and I guess I have to figure out what we are doing in between the first and the second class times. Maybe a picnic lunch in the park tomorrow. Really don’t feel like driving home in between…..

{August 24, 2009}   We have a freeloader……

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding in Lansing – we ended up missing the wedding because of well the time just got away from us. Made it to the reception – had a blast – and then dropped off the girls at my in-laws house for the week. We finally leave and get home a little after midnight to find a little white fluff ball of a dog sitting in my old computer chair that is out with the trash cans in our yard. He growled so we stayed away but left out some food and water and went to bed. Morning comes and he is on the porch but if we go outside he hides. Not growling any more though. We eat breakfast and get around to go to church and next thing we know he is at the screen door looking in at us. Ok so we needed to leave and head out. He backs away a little but stays on the porch and finally scoots close enough to sniff me and let me pet him without growling or biting. We go to church and come home to find the neighbor trying to coax him off our porch. Our neighbor loves all animals so that was no surprise that he would be over once he spotted the dog. Won’t go to him but as soon as I go up the steps he is all over me to pet him. Then Hubby decides since it is raining off and on to try and get him inside. He comes in sniffs around, scares the poo outta the cat who then hides and plays with our dog.

We took him for a walk (HAHAHA) ok so he got 1 street away and sat down refusing to walk any further. We ended up putting signs at the mailboxes hoping that someone will claim him soon because he is a yipper dog. And let me tell you as much as I love my cat – he annoys me at night when he needs to ‘explore’ my side of the bed or sleep on me when I need to get up and go to the bathroom. I like the dog but I’ll be glad when he goes to his owner – hopefully soon!

Knitting – Amy’s socks are done, her surprise gifties are done – box WILL go out into the mail today I promise!!! Started my Hermione hat yesterday and frogged it today. Need to learn to not cast on in a new form while watching a movie instead of paying attention. >.<

{August 15, 2009}   Knit knit and knit some more!

Next project became Amy’s b-day Monkey socks. the Sunshine Yarn used is remaining unnamed until Amy gets the socks to involve a hint of surprise in her gift. 🙂 Next up will be my Son of DRT washcloth depending on when it is sent out and the race officially starts!

Life in general right now is hectic to say the least. The girls are constantly going places and doing things and playdates everywhere! We went to the lake in a local State park the other day with friends. My back is SO burned right now. UGH! made it really hard to sleep last night since I normally sleep on my back. Not to mention the tag on my top was killing me. Thank god for tagless clothing!

I got my super awesome Princess Bride swap package from my Odd Ducks swap group. Grace/Nerdy on Ravelry was kind enough to step in as my angel for the swap and sent along some very lovely goodies. I got a beautiful knit hat (must find out the pattern!), some peanut butter cups from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, some hot cocoa mix from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, beautiful roving in Sunflower Farm (my fave flower!), and the package smelled so darn good from the enclosed tea – mint green tea and dreamland herbal tea. She also enclosed a little goody for each of the girls – their envelopes had a chocolate bar and a bookmark in them. Which of course are already gone and in use. 🙂

Princess Bride swap

et cetera